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The Big Buffs Update - Patch Notes

The Big Buffs Update - Patch Notes

Luck be a Landlord has been patched to buff 29 symbols and items!

New Content

  • Added 33 more color customization options
  • Modified 5 existing symbols (changes listed under Game Balance)
  • Modified 24 existing items (changes listed under Game Balance)

Game Balance

  • Card Shark now gives 3 coins per spin (instead of 2 coins)
  • Dog now gives 2 coins when its effect is triggered (instead of 1 coin)
  • General Zaroff now gives 25 coins for each symbol he destroys (instead of 20 coins)
  • Hex of Tedium now makes players 1.3x less likely to find Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare symbols (instead of 1.2x less likely)
  • Mouse now gives 20 coins for each symbol it destroys (instead of 15 coins)
  • Ancient Lizard Blade now gives 9 coins (instead of 8 coins)
  • Black Cat now gives 9 coins when its effect is triggered (instead of 6 coins)
  • Black Suits is now Common, is destroyable after 7 spins, and adds Clubs and Spades when destroyed (instead of its previous effect)
  • Chili Powder now gives 2 coins per Pepper (instead of 1 coin per Pepper)
  • Cyan Pepper now gives 3 coins when its effect is triggered (instead of 2 coins)
  • Cyan Pepper Essence now gives 30 coins when its effect is triggered (instead of 20 coins)
  • Devil's Deal now adds 6 Duds when destroyed (instead of 66 Empties)
  • Dwarven Anvil is now Common (instead of Uncommon)
  • Fertilizer now makes Seeds 50% more likely to grow (instead of 25% more likely)
  • Flush now makes Suits Common instead of Uncommon, removes all Suits before each spin, and gives 12 coins for each Suit removed (instead of its previous effect)
  • Flush Essence now destroys itself after 5 Suits are removed, removes all Suits before each spin, and gives 20 coins for each Suit removed (instead of its previous effect)
  • Lint Roller now gives 12 coins per Rabbit Fluff removed (instead of 10 coins)
  • Mining Pick now gives 10 coins for each Ore and Big Ore destroyed (instead of 5 coins)
  • Ninja and Mouse now gives a 6x coin multiplier (instead of 5x)
  • Quantum Symbol Bomb now gives 9 symbol choices (instead of 5 symbol choices)
  • Red Suits is now Common, is destroyable after 7 spins, and adds Diamonds and Hearts when destroyed (instead of its previous effect)
  • Ricky the Banana now makes Bananas and Banana Peels give 2 coins more (instead of 1 coin more)
  • Ritual Candle now buffs Cultists and Witches (in addition to Hexes)
  • Ritual Candle Essence now checks for and buffs Cultists and Witches (in addition to Hexes)
  • Shedding Season now gives Rabbits a 15% chance to add Rabbit Fluff (instead of a 10% chance)
  • Sunglasses now gives 1 Removal Token if you have 3 or more Removal Tokens (instead of 4 or more)
  • Wanted Poster now makes Thieves give 3.5x more coins (instead of 3x more)
  • Watering Can now makes Seeds give 12 coins more (instead of 10 coins more)
  • Zaroff's Contract now makes Bounty Hunters give 25 coins for each symbol they destroy (instead of 20 coins)

The above balance changes were made for the following reasons:

Card Shark giving 3 coins instead of 2 coins will help create situations where it's a symbol worth taking without synergies, and a great symbol if/when you can get its synergies going, similar to Joker with its base value of 3 coins.

Dog was overlooked in many situations if the player didn't have Quigley the Wolf or a Comedian. This buff will help increase situations where Dog is a viable early-game symbol.

Runs involving General Zaroff and Zaroff's Contract would often fall a bit short on rent payments if the player didn't also have a Shrine or a very large amount of human symbols. Increasing the amount of coins given per human destroyed by 5 will help Zaroff builds cross the finish line.

One could argue Hex of Tedium is actually nerfed by increasing it's "unluckiness." However, the consistency that comes from seeing more Common symbols can make Cultist runs more viable. There are also many symbols that benefit from destroying Common symbols, which might make a Hex of Tedium more worth taking in situations like those.

Mouse was a bit lacking for an early-game symbol unless the player could reliably pull off the Ninja and Mouse item combo. Buffing Mouse and the aforementioned item will either make Mouse truly shine in the dream Ninja and Mouse build, and still be a decent early pick if the player can also find some Cheese.

Ancient Lizard Blade can be buffed by 1 coin without making it overpowered for a Very Rare item. In all honesty though, I've tweaked the item so many times at this point that I thought it would be funny to slightly buff it again (I'm like 90% joking).

Black Cat's "multiple of 13 effect" already triggers pretty rarely. Increasing the amount gained on trigger by 3 coins felt like a safe way to increase players' overall winrate without decreasing fun factor.

The Black Suits and Red Suits reworks were done to increase consistency if a player was going for a Suits run already, and help potentially steer players into experimenting with Suits symbols. The previous effects were really only useful if players already had at least 3 Suits of the corresponding color.

Chili Powder was often a worse Bowling Ball, especially if the player had 2 or less Peppers. Doubling its coins given will make it much more powerful. I'm aware the ceiling is much higher for the item now, but I'm okay with Chili Powder being a good to [i]really[/i] good item at its current rarity.

Cyan Pepper and Cyan Pepper Essence were somewhat difficult to trigger at higher floors when the player starts with 3 Duds. Increasing the amount gained on trigger will bring the item in-line with Green Pepper, which is often one of the best Peppers on apartment floors with 3 starting Duds. As a side note, I'm aware of Red Pepper being very underwhelming on floors with 2 or more starting Duds. I'm looking into a solution that doesn't feel as clunky as making it ignore Duds while other symbols don't.

Devil's Deal was decent item before the boss fight was added to the game, but became much worse once skipping the 11th Rent Payment wasn't a guaranteed win anymore. Adding Duds instead of Empties will make a run more likely to be winnable after the Devil's Deal is destroyed. I also didn't like the clunkiness of how the Devil's Deal Empties didn't function how regular Empties did.

Dwarves were slightly lacking if the player didn't have Happy Hour or a Bartender. Making Dwarven Anvil Common instead of Uncommon will increase the amount of times Dwarves pull through for players, sometimes even incidentally from an Item Capsule.

The Fertilizer buff is a very minor one on the surface, but can make the difference if a player needs just a few more coins to keep their run going. Having a Seed grow into a Strawberry a turn before a rent payment is due will cause a loss to become a win a non-zero number of times. Making that situation 25% more likely is definitely worth doing if it doesn't decrease the fun of the game, which I really don't think this buff does.

The Flush and Flush Essence reworks were done to both be an "eject button" for a failed Suits run, and to make Suits have more purpose when appearing in non-Suits runs. The previous effect was only really decent if the player already had a Suits run going, and the coin payoff, while high, wasn't satisfying.

Lint Roller, Watering Can, Mining Pick, Shedding Season, and Wanted Poster having their values increased, while seemingly minor, will increase players' winrate by a non-zero percentage. Always worth doing if the fun isn't decreased, in my opinion.

Quantum Symbol Bomb rarely offered more than one symbol worth taking due to the nature of its effect. Increasing the number of choices by 4 will hopefully increase the number of taken symbols to at least two, but I'm staying open-minded to tweaking Quantum Symbol Bomb further if needed.

Ricky the Banana making Bananas and Banana Peels give 2 additional coins instead of 1 additional coin might seem too powerful on paper. However, given the fact that the effects of Banana and Banana Peel only happen when they're destroyed, increasing their value will only have a large impact if the player has a Comedian build going.

Ritual Candle and Ritual Candle Essence including Cultists and Witches was done to make failed Cultist runs slightly more viable, and to -- as I've said numerous times now -- increase player winrate without decreasing fun. I'll note that adding Cultists and Witches to Holy Water felt too clunky, since I would either need to negate the effects of those symbols if the player had Holy Water, or make the item description much clunkier.

It was very difficult to trigger Sunglasses outside of Endless Mode. Decreasing its Removal Token threshold by 1 will make the item's very powerful effect a bit easier to achieve, especially on apartment floors with less Removal Tokens per e-mail.

As always, please let me know your thoughts on the official discord!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Title Text was sized incorrectly at some resolutions if the language was set to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Japanese
  • Fixed a bug where the Guillotine Essence icon in the Stats Menu was sized incorrectly at some text sizes
  • Fixed a bug where the HP Sum text didn't have digit separators