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Luck be a Landlord Speedrun Challenge (with bounties)

Luck be a Landlord Speedrun Challenge (with bounties)

Hey everyone!

I'm offering $77.77 to the fastest new world records in each speedrun category of Luck be a Landlord.


Runs must be submitted with an accompanying video and with game audio unmuted. The speedrun page moderators might ask you to submit your logfile as well.

Since these runs are mash-heavy and I don't want anyone to get RSI, turbo buttons/controllers are allowed.

Runs must be submitted to the Luck be a Landlord speedrun.com leaderboard between 2:00 PM EST on April 20th and 12:01 AM EST on July 7th.

You could technically do this on the mobile version of the game as well I guess? Godspeed if you try that.

To be clear, to receive the $77.77 bounty in a category, the run must be the fastest achieved within the 77 days AND be faster than the category's world record as of April 19th.

Times to beat:

Category Runner Time Run
Floor 1% mutol 39s 467ms VOD
Floor 20% geroniberry 2m 23s VOD
Guillotine% cosmos_oyakata 5m 50s VOD
Inf% Wandering_System 15m 12s VOD
Void% Sleepyhead08 1m 17s VOD
All Floors% geroniberry 2h 1m 8s VOD

Check out the #speedruns channel of the game's discord if you want tips and tricks.

Good luck!