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Dan's DevLog - April 2024

Dan's DevLog - April 2024

Hey everyone! Been a while since I've done one of these, but I've got some fun stuff to talk about!

The Merch Store

Back in January we opened the official merch store for Luck be a Landlord. We've got wooden coins, sticker sheets, and a few remaining Pizza the Cat plushies. Get them while you still can! We currently have the capability to ship to the US & Canada. Unfortunately, shipping to other regions is a bit of a nightmare for tax and logistical reasons.

PopCon Indy

I'll be showcasing Luck be a Landlord at PopCon Indy from April 26th to 28th at booth #301. Stop by if you're attending the convention!

Any merch purchased from the booth will also come with a free copy of the game on Steam (limit of one per person).


Downpour is a fun game-making tool. I highly recommend futzing around with it. My favorite Downpour game so far is "a proper cup of tea" by Terry Cavanagh (the developer of VVVVVV, Dicey Dungeons, and a bunch of other games).

I've also made a Downpour game called "Sitting outside in the cold at midnight." Can you get all three endings?

Some Fantastic Videos

Some great videos of Luck be a Landlord were made in the past few months. The first one I've listed here is my favorite video anyone's made of my game. It's really cool.

My Next Game

I've been kicking around multiple ideas for my next game. Many of the ideas don't make it more than a few days of development before they're scrapped. However, an idea that came to me in a dream recently feels like it could be the one. It's lasted more than a week and still feels fresh. Some parts of Luck be a Landlord came to me from a recurring casino dream as well, so that's a good sign too. It's extremely early but I'm excited nonetheless.

That's all for now, see you next DevLog!