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Google finally unbans Luck be a Landlord in South Korea

Google finally unbans Luck be a Landlord in South Korea

Google has, for months now, banned Luck be a Landlord in 13 countries for "violating gambling policies," despite allowing games with actual gambling from larger companies in those same markets.

It was very difficult for me, as a solo developer, to fix this situation. I'm sure a larger company would have this fixed in an instant. This is obviously unfair.

I sent appeals to Google 3 times and consistently got boilerplate responses back, saying the game won't be unblocked in those countries. My game does not contain any gambling, but Google doesn't want to hear it.

The game was banned in the following countries by Google: United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Iran, Jordan, South Korea, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Before the ban, 20% of my Google Play revenue came from South Korea. The ban obviously hurt my finances.

I finally tried sending the game to South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee to get the game an official rating in South Korea. This was recommended to me during a consultancy call with Rami Ismail. I highly recommend looking into his consultancy service if you're a gamedev with an issue you don't know how to solve.

GRAC gave the game a "12" rating, which resulted in Luck be a Landlord finally being unbanned on Google Play in South Korea.

However, Google still refuses to update my rating on their platform. I've literally sent them the documents from GRAC showing the "12" rating, and they still won't change the inaccurate "15" rating on my page.

Google still displays a "15" rating despite me showing them GRAC rated it at "12."

I still have no idea what to do for the other 12 countries the game is banned in.

Google doesn't seem to care.