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The Magnificent Modding Update (BETA)

The Magnificent Modding Update (BETA)


The beta version of The Magnificent Modding Update is now available on the "v1.2-beta" branch on Steam. One purpose of this branch is to test any existing mods you may have made or been working on. You can also test the new modding API features that will be available when v1.2 releases on January 5th, 2024.

Keep in mind, if you make or update a mod that utilizes features only available on this beta branch, they will not function on the main branch until v1.2 releases. In other words, don't upload those mods to the Steam Workshop until v1.2 releases on January 5th, 2024.

This version of the beta also does not have every feature that will be present in v1.2, such as custom apartment floors.

New Content

  • Made it so that playing the game with mods allows some progress-based achievements to still be unlocked
  • Made it so that playing the game with mods allows stats to still be tracked
  • Improved modded art load times
  • Added Bulgarian Localization
  • [Modding] Multiple instances of existing_symbols and existing_items can now exist at the same time
  • [Modding] Added count_at_start for modding variables
  • [Modding] Added symbols_removed_pre_spin for modding variables
  • [Modding] Added email for mod_type
  • [Modding] Added group_addition for mod_type
  • [Modding] Added pointed_symbols for effect_type
  • [Modding] Added rent_paid for effect_type
  • [Modding] Added symbol_added for effect_type
  • [Modding] Added item_added for effect_type
  • [Modding] Added required_disabled_items for effects
  • [Modding] Added forbidden_disabled_items for effects
  • [Modding] Added emails_to_add for effects
  • [Modding] Added not for comparison dictionaries
  • [Modding] Added coins for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added reroll_tokens for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added removal_tokens for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added essence_tokens for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added rent_due for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added spins_left for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added non_singular_symbols for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added symbols_in_inventory for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added symbols_destroyed_this_spin for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added items_destroyed_this_spin for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added destroyed_symbol_type_count for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added removed_symbol_type_count for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added destroyed_symbol_group_count for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added removed_symbol_group_count for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added dove_destroyed for comparisons
  • [Modding] Added pointing_directions for value_to_change
  • [Modding] Added symbols_to_choose_from for value_to_change
  • [Modding] Added items_to_choose_from for value_to_change
  • [Modding] Added permanent_bonuses for value_to_change
  • [Modding] Updated documentation to reflect changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some achievement descriptions were wrong if the language was set to Thai
  • Fixed a bug where some stats on the stats menu didn't have color tags if the language was set to Thai
  • Fixed a bug where the credits button in the options menu was being resized incorrectly at some resolutions if the language was set to Russian
  • Fixed a bug where the achievements menu was cut off in some languages if the font was set to OpenDyslexic
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where the game could crash if a disabled mod appeared in a symbol or item description
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where using final_value on a modded symbol caused the game to crash if an adjacent symbol was destroyed
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where rarity_mod and forced_rarities overwrote value_to_change and diff in effects
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where Doves weren't interacting correctly with effects that checked for adjacent destructions
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where hotfix_num could not be used in comparisons on items
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where modded symbol groups appear in the stats menu while disabled
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where grid_position_x, grid_position_y, value_bonus, and value_multiplier could not be referenced in a starting_value on a symbol
  • [Modding] Fixed a bug where value_bonus, value_multiplier, and hotfix_num could not be referenced in a var_math on a symbol